The Amant Chronicles Vol 2

Volume two of the Amant Chronicles "Dark  Secrets"

Since I'm not a fan of spoiling the story for everyone who hasn't read Volume 1 ( Jennifer's Legacy ), I will say that this novel picks up with Amant right where we left off in Volume 1.  Jennifer's story is for the most part, told.  The secondary storyline in Volume 2 follows Zaborah, the granddaughter of Jennifer.  But fear not, since Jennifer is a "Gammy", so who knows if she'll show up in this novel in a lesser role... What I can say though, for those who haven't yet read Jennifer's Legacy, is that this second edition of the series begins to uncover some very shocking "Dark Secrets".   Plans for publication of this novel are already in the works.  I will be seeking out more images to fill the pages of this novel, as well as covers and editing.  This novel is scheduled to be available by MAY / JUNE 2018.


Feature 1

Amant Ducet continues in the series, as the heroine of the story.  OR, is she?

Guess you'll have to read it and find out huh?  Yea... 


Feature 2

Wouldn't be much fun to have Amant around without John, right?  But, will he be around in the same capacity?  Darn it, gonna have to read it to find out eh?


Feature 3

Yes, the Qyron aren't going away either.  And yes, I'll have more images for book 2.  Relax.  But it takes time and money.  So stay tuned...