About the Author


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My Writing History...

I started writing back in 2014, as a way to unwind.  Blessed with an over active imagination, I finally decided to put some of his strangely odd ideas to paper.  My first foray into writing was an interesting, young adult, basketball-themed story, Life's Dream.  With just a rudimentary idea of the story line, I used my "free form" writing style to craft the story, to it's climax.  

It was at this point, that it was realized that writing may become more of a profession than a hobby.  Before the ending was completed, I decided to start work on a multi-story Science Fiction series.  One that had been tormenting me daily with story ideas, plot twists, and character aspects for months.

Life's Dream was shelved and The Amant Chronicles was born.  Three of the four novels in the series were written before a clear path to publication was initiated.  The rest, is history...

Originally from upstate New York, I have lived in Orlando FL, Norfolk VA, Saratoga Springs NY, Allentown PA, Philadelphia PA (just to name a few) and currently reside in a suburb of Philadelphia.  A U.S Navy war veteran who has held challenging positions in the medical, surgical imaging, pharmaceutical, and dental imaging fields.   


Imagination at work....

I've been asked the common question, "Where do you get your ideas?"  

"I have these crystals, that I found when a meteorite struck the ground near my house as a kid.  I was maybe 8 years old, it was late in the evening, and I was walking my dog.  As I approached the sizzling, orange orb that was impacted into the dirt in front of me, it burst open.  Bright, glowing green crystals, which had the odor of arm pit funk and mint jelly beans, filled the inside of the now broken space rock.  Scared, but curious, I slowly reached down and picked them up.  They were bizarrely cool to the touch, and actually spoke to me as I held them."

Is what I would say if I had a really cool story behind my ideas, but well, I don't..  Sometimes, seeing something while I'm driving triggers a thought, which grows like a nest of spiders in my head.  Ooh, Yea, sorry.  That thought scares me too!  Anyway.. the ideas just come to me.  Sometimes it's a conversation with someone.  Sometimes it's a late night snack of Cheerios, peanut butter and a dill pickle gone bad. But sorry.. no cool story to tell..  :)  

But, that's how my imagination works.. Kind of like a drunk lightening storm, passing over an active volcano, wearing only one sock, on a Monday.. Yea, just like that..