Since I'm just starting out, if you've purchased a copy of The Amant Chronicles - Jennifer's Legacy, and would like to provide a review of the novel on Amazon, I will give you a choice of one free short story.  Just follow the directions to post a review of the novel then fill out the form to get your free short story..

1.    Log in to and then do a search for “The Amant Chronicles.”

2.    When you’re on the page that shows The Amant Chronicles, scroll to the bottom of the screen until you see the Customer Reviews section.

3.   Click on the “Write a Customer Review” box.

Once you’ve left the review, come back to my website.   Click on Free in the drop down, then "Submission For A Free Short Story", and you will get a free copy of a short story. I currently have several to choose from:

  • Card Shark

  • Contracts

  • Daylight Mission

  • Speeding Ticket

  • The Children

  • The Church

  • The Farmer

  • Transistor Radio     

For a brief description of the stories, see the "Short Stories" section of the website.