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advertise at work or college

If no one knows about your product, in this case, my novels, then how will they know to buy it?  Seriously, how can someone go through life, without knowing the awe inspiring tale of the Amant Chronicles?  It's criminal!  So, please help stop their heathen lifestyle... 

Ah yes, and advertising was born.  What I am proposing, is that if you take a copy or two of my full page advertisement to work with you, and you post it in say, a break room or other common area, then I will reward your kindness and generosity with a free short story.

If you're attending a college or are an alum and are willing to post a few advertisement around campus in approved common areas, I will provide you two free short stories.  

To get a copy of the advertising flyer, if you go to the ORDERING TAB, you can select the full page advertisement.  No, it doesn't cost anything.  If you would like to distribute several flyers, I can also provide them to you  (mail you the quantity desired).

Once you're distributed the flyers, go to the Free tab, select "Submission For A Free Short Story" for your copy or copies of short stories.

I do appreciate your help in spreading the word and assisting with advertising this exciting, four part Sci-Fi series.