Credits due to the following

As with any endeavor, it's rarely complete start to finish without the help of others along the way..  I am nothing if not in appreciation to those who have assisted me along the way in getting my first novel written, first book published, and this website created.  It's been a long and interesting journey to this point.  These folks have helped along the way.


Patrick Simmons

A talented tattoo artist who provided me with the six incredibly well drawn images for this first novel.  Amant, Jennifer, John, and Tank now come alive, thanks to his skilled hand.

greenpeaz mascot.png


No web page is complete without some form of visual imagery to convey the thoughts, the feelings, the content of what you're trying to show the world.  I reached out while I was putting this site together and instead of using stock photos from the internet, I thought it more personal and inviting to have some sketches done of the short stories and novels.   You have GreenPeaz to thank for that.  Hey, don't judge the name.  I've had some doozies for nicknames in my past.  

If you're interested in getting some sketches done, I would recommend giving a shout out.  You can reach GreenPeaz at


Rebecca Collins

The wonderful artist who painted my front and assisted (with her lovely assistant) the back cover, of my first novel.  She's an extremely talented artist that keeps herself busy between managing a family, business, and sanity.

I highly recommend a painting class at her studio: 

Stilettos Fine Arts Studio.

- 352 Clinton Street, Binghamton, NY

- (607) 778-9393

Tell her I sent you.  Wait, no.. don't mention me at all, she'll likely go into a fiery rage.  Something about taco salad and her wedding dress.  Seriously, not my fault about that fire in the bathroom either... 



Credit also to the folks at Squarespace.  Their website generating site allows the novice person to create a website in a very short time, along with savvy package deals, so you can host a business quickly and cost effectively.