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Ok.  Growth comes from gathering information, learning about your weaknesses and opportunities and applying them.  I'm also told that a well balanced meal helps. 

I'm a new author and I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.  Well, not so much about that rotten bean dip you ate last night at the party, and how when you got sick it stained your friend's new shirt.  Yea, that story is best kept between the two of you.  No, I'd rather hear about these other things I have listed below.  So go ahead, let me know.  I only ask that  you realize and understand the meaning of constructive criticism.  Calling me Stinky Pants Boogerface, while potentially true (don't judge me!), doesn't really give me much to work with...   Ok, I've rambled long enough.. now it's YOUR TURN!  

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Yea, again. I'd love to know who I'm hearing from and potentially responding to. Because truly, that Boogerface comment really hurt...
Like any good marketing robot, it's nice to know where you heard about me.
Always enjoy hearing content feedback. So, let 'er rip!
So, besides adding a pool table, hot tub, and mini-bar, what else would spice up or make the website more fun?